Most Reliable Software Development Partner

Most Reliable Software Development Partner.

We are good match

If you are passionate to make difference in people's lives through technology
If you want simple design and maintainable clean code
If you prefer clear, advanced and transparent communication
If you enjoy working with founder led small technology company

We can help

If you are looking for full cycle software product development partner
If you want to incorporate human touch in your digital products
If you need advise in product strategy and technology selection
f you want to hire remote motivated and dedicated developers in India

C<>DERIAN Do you know this special word?

It's Coderian ( English : /ko-deh-ri-uhn/ ), rhymes with Indian, Australian, European.
We invented this word for coder & design thinker who design technology for humans and not vice versa.
We are Coderian & following manifesto tells everything about us.

Coderian Manifesto

24 Commitments

" Commitment is an agreement we make with the self "

Coderian’s function is to make things simple ( Simplicity++ ) through complexity reduction (Complexity- – ). Coderian embraces simplicity in design, coding and every aspect of business. Simple logo(<>) represents this.

Coderain loves small company sizes for three reasons. One, freedom to think creatively. Two, deep relations with people. Three, more time to work than managing work & workplace.

For Coderian, coding is not work but sports. Coderian applies best practices and uses best tools. Coderian can code for Textbox-> Property-> ClassMember-> DBColumn.

Title is borrowed from Steve McConnell’s book “Code Complete”, we learnt lot about software development best practice from that book. 

Coderian puts customer at the center of everything. Coderian delight customers through empathic solutions. Coderian focuses on right design(>) and rest left to coding(<).

Coderian’s work is not clerical but specialized. It is eminently practical. Mostly happening outside the office. It is more of a blue(<) collar job.

Coderian appreciates gender equality at work. That’s why pink & blue (<>). Pink ( > ) on the right because women are always right 🙂 & for men only option is left( < ) :(.

Coderian makes work more fun than a boring routine. Coderian avoids tension through a lighter mood. Coderian finds a way to emotionally excite customers.

Coderian uses technology for human benefits & comfort. Coderian don’t use technology for harmful consequences. Coderian uses ML and AI to make a positive difference.

Coderian is a combine, digital and analog, thinker. Coderain’s work is more than API & screens. It is about  the real world, real things & humans.

Coderian knows that people, not businesses, use software. Hence builds personal software. Coderian easily differentiate user preferences to build tools for the right persona.

Coderian value attention management than time management. Real productivity comes from attention & focus. Coderian aims for focus and clarity  rather than multitasking and hustling.

Coderian strives to build relationships based on trust and respect. Don’t want it on sales tricks and techniques. Don’t even want to be salesman.

In employee performance, there is a trade-off between skill & will gap. Coderian never have a will gap. Coderian takes help to fill skill gaps.

Coderian’s great place to work is not just offices. It also includes bedrooms, drawing rooms, cottages and other personal places. Value performance over place.

Coderian selects technology only if that makes sense. Don’t select it because it’s trending. Coderian knows that trend is temporary & two letters from “end”.

Coderian always aim for quality over quantity. Coderian continuously releases small and better chunks of work than bulky releases. Coderian don’t hoard design & code.

Coderian prefer job meaning over job hopping. Coderian prefer job satisfaction over stress. Coderian wants to become a long term associate, like static variables.

Coderian loves recursion in business also. Coderian favours repeat and referral business. Repetition strengthens relationships and removes frustration and saves time, effort and money. 

Coderian follow processes to solve problems. Coderian don’t follow processes for the sake of process. Coderian dare to adjust and improve processes whenever required.

Coderian never gets frustrated with mundane and routine tasks. Coderian always automates those tasks. Automation is Coderain’s key to reduce errors and improve speed.

Coderian always visualise the end state for any work. Coderian measure & channelized all effort toward the end state. Coderian can identify and fix effort-drain.

“To live is to learn” is Coderian’s motto to remain curious, informed and updated. Coderian learns from every interaction, every spring and every project.

Coderian is a news breaker. Either good or bad, never withhold any updates. Coderian never hide knowledge or create dependencies. Prefer warning over error.

Coderian aims for a project success. Coderian loves to celebrate clients’ success. Coderain makes every project win-win-win-win – win for self, colleague, company and client.

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7 Promises

" Promise is an agreement we make with others "

Coderian serves anyone from 7 continents of the globe. It is unlikely to get work from Antarctica. But Coderian is prepared for every eventuality.

Coderian follows 7 stages of design thinking driven software development process. Seven stages of human centered design 1-Empathize. 2-Define. 3-Ideate. 4-Prototype. 5-Test. 6-Implement. & 7-Learn.

Coderian works in groups of 7 whenever possible. Team of 6 members and one lead. Benzene inspired arrangements for less frustration and best performance.

Coderain aims for 7 hours focused work on a workday. Not at a stretch but 2-3 hours slot with 20-30 minutes interval in between.

Coderian follows release cycle of maximum 7 weeks. Smaller chucks get to the world in less time. But no release holds beyond 7 weeks.

Coderian values life after work. But will be available for critical rescue 7 days a week. Rescues where life or reputation are at risk. 

Coderian don’t know what to include here. Coderian welcomes your suggestion for this “Something 7” section. Coderian is not rigid but open for improvement.

We transform the transformer

HFESA is federated authority to transform and optimize human wellbeing in Australian businesses. HFESA applies theory, principle and design methods to improve human-computer interactions. 
HFESA choose us to transform their technology. We successfully transformed HFESA’s legacy static business system to open source MVC based highly configurable platform.

Our Perfect Start – Design thinking

A perfect start demands an understanding of customer needs and behavior, B2B and B2C relationship differences and even clear difference between a customer and a user. Design thinking makes this possible. Hence, human is at the center of everything we do. Design thinking also gives us a tool to think creatively, work collaboratively and prototype rapidly.

Innovative Solution - Focus on function, not just form

Innovation doesn’t come easily to most companies. What looks like innovation is often a continuous improvement of previous forms rather than an improvement of the core function. We focus to optimize the function ignoring the form. With “BothBrain” – creative and commercial – approach, we work together with customers and users from idea conception all the way to testing and scaling an innovation.

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Immersive experiences – What we design, people desire

Delighting customers by improving experience at individual interaction touchpoint is a challenge. Through design thinking and storytelling, we move from touchpoints to user journey mapping and deliver improved customer experiences.


Customer forgets other things, but never forgets interactive and valued experiences. Our excellence in analytics enables us to build capabilities for personalized digital customer engagements.

Conversational Interfaces

What if human and computer have mutual conversation? We make it possible using our expertise in Voice Interface Design, NLP and Machine Learning.

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Complexity Reduction – Superior value at inferior cost

Technology transformation is both a blessing and a curse depending on a company’s ability and desire to adopt and deploy the emerging tech into existing product offerings. We help to manage this prime complexity lever through simplicity, automation and clean code implementation.


For us, the end being quality software product that is easy to use and easy to work with. We simplify software product through design consistency, good use of semantics and proper use of well-known culture markers.


We build reliable software, which allows companies to concentrate on more value-adding initiatives, which are imperative for the growth. Through in-built RPA, we help companies to streamline workflow, implement auto-remediation, eliminate errors and reduce chaos.

Low Technical Debt

We want our software product simple inside out. Our architects choose right framework & tech-stack and developers follow standard coding practices to ensure that developed code is clean and doesn’t carry technical debt.

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Leveraging Emerging Tech – Deliver the future, today

The leveraging of the emerging and powerful tech helps our customer to create new, innovative business models, grow sales and gives business competitive edge. Emerge tech acts as a catalyst to demand generation, customer experience, operational efficiency and agility. At Coderian, we help businesses leverage the power of following emerging technologies to achieve the best business results.


We Bake Our Own Bread - Building Reputation

We have used metaphorical title to whet your appetite. We are our own brand creator. Everything related to branding – concept, identity, strategy and content – is thought, researched and built in-house.  If you are impressed by our creativity and want to use it to build your business as a reputed brand then don’t hesitate to contact us.



"You truly get out what you put in. No bullshit. I've tried many development and marketing agency in last 15 years but they ended up being terrible. I found Coderian in April,2018 and working with them since then. Very transparent and economic service giving best results in terms of business leads. I am very satisfied with their services"

John, FlashFreight Logistics   |   Visit Client Website

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