Cleaning Business Automation & Booking System


Cleaning Business Automation and Booking System

Booking system that automates and transform cleaning services business. Service booking and scheduling software for cleaning companies.


Automate and accelarate your cleaning service business

Running a cleaning business is no easy task, but booking software can make your scheduling hassle-free & painless for your clients, so you can spend your time growing your business while booking software automates online booking, job allocations, monitoring and reporting.

System For All Cleaning Businesses

We design and build website and app for the following cleaning businesses.

Home Cleaning

We create booking and scheduling software for Home cleaning companies that makes Booking and scheduling easy and quick for the customers as well as business entrepreneurs. Following home cleaning service providers use our booking and scheduling software-
  1. Regular Cleaning
  2. End of Lease Cleaning
  3. Spring Cleaning
  4. Exterior Cleaning
  5. Move in/out cleaning
  6. manual cleaning etc.

Carpet Cleaning

We build elegant website and apps for carpet cleaning agencies which makes bookings easy and provides a better experience to the customers. Here are some carpet cleaning service providers that utilize our software-

  1. Steam Carpet Cleaning
  2. Carpet Shampooing
  3. Dry Carpet Cleaning
  4. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
  5. Encapsulation etc.

Commercial Cleaning

Attractive booking website and mobile applications for commercial cleaners which enables the customers to book their services online 24/7 from anywhere. The companies who provide the following commercial cleaning services can use our systems and software-

  1. Office Cleaning
  2. Showroom Cleaning
  3. Hospital Cleaning
  4. Restaurant Cleaning
  5. Industrial Cleaning
  6. School cleaning etc.

Drainage Cleaning

Beautiful and smart looking booking website and applications for drainage cleaning agencies for easy bookings and scheduling the companies that provide the following drainage cleaning services are enable to use our utilities-

  1. Sewage cleaning
  2. Pipe cleaning
  3. Drainage unblocking
  4. Underground cleaning
  5. Mechanized cleaning etc.

After Construction Cleaning

We design systems that makes booking an appointment online on your website easy and quick to pay. You can even schedule your tasks by using our scheduling software. Listed below are some after construction cleaning services, businesses providing these services can enjoy our systems-

  1. Rough cleaning-1 phase
  2. Final cleaning-2 phas
  3. Touch up-3 phase etc.

Roof Cleaning

Booking systems for roof cleaning organizers which will increase their business and will give them more and happy customers that companies that deliver the following utilities are open to use our online booking and scheduling systems-

  1. Eco friendly roof cleaning
  2. Chlorine bleach roof cleaning
  3. High-pressure power washing etc.

Customer Benefits

Easy Bookings

We create booking systems that makes cleaning services booking available 24/7 on website and mobile apps for easy booking. It helps to track booking history and notifications too.

Easy Payments

Customers will have payments options of their convenience. We build scheduling app and website which supports credit card payments, payment gateways, wallet payments, bank transfer and cash payments. System supports secure and easy online payments for small to big service orders.

Recurring Bookings

The customers are enabled to schedule recurring services online on through website and mobile app which helps in retaining customers, they can have flexibility of rescheduling without hassle.

Invoices and Receipts

The customers will receive branded invoices and receipts of the booked services as per them preferred format e.g. plain text, PDF, Word Doc and on their preferred medium e.g. email, text message, file transfer.

Notifications and Emails

The customers will get instant notifications and emails before and after their services will be provided.

Reminders and confirmation messages

The customers will get reminder and confirmation Messages like ‘job done’, ‘payment received’, ‘booking Successfully done’ etc., will make the customer sure about their services and booking.

Customer feedback

The customers can give online feedbacks and suggestions easily on your website and mobile apps based on the type of services provided and what they experienced. Online feedback and suggestions ensure transparency and quality service delivery.

Asking questions and contacting

The customers are free to ask questions and queries they have online on your website, they can even contact you online through live chatting or video calls. This helps in strengthening the trust and brand value among customers.

Business Benefits

More Happy Customers

Booking Website and mobile app that makes your booking process easy for the customers and Provides a better online booking experience.

Easy Scheduling

Easy scheduling

We create scheduling software for cleaning companies that makes any kind of scheduling easy for you, it is time saving and easy to reschedule.

Notifications, Alerts and Reminders

You will get instant notifications and alerts when the bookings have been cancelled, rescheduled or recurred and reminders before the day of providing the service.

Regular Alerts and Reminder
Business Analysis

Business Analyzation

You can easily monitor your website and even check details like no. of visits per day, services booked, no. of payments received etc.

Staff Benefits

On Time Job Alerts

The staff will get on time job alerts according to the bookings and even if the booking are cancelled, recurred or rescheduled, this will make them sure About their job.

Easy Scheduling

The staff members can easily schedule their tasks And can also reschedule it, this will help them to manage their tasks easily in no time.

Sending Notifications

They can easily send you notifications online before and after the completion of their jobs. They can even send you emails and reminders on you emails ID as well.

Cancelling and Rescheduling

Your staff can easily cancel or reschedule the appointments according to their workload without any blunder or worry.

Staff Together Benefits

Booking Service Steps

The east and fastest service booking workflow enhance customer experience. It offers hassle free no brainer steps to choose.

1.Select Cleaning Service and Schedule

Customer can easily brows through service catelogue and select relevant service. Next step is to choose date and time for the appointment.

2. Request Price Quotation

System supports automatic and manual quatation response facility. In case of automatic it provides rates to customers basis their service selection and schedule.

3. Make Payment Online

Customer can choose to pay through PayPal, credit-card or other configured payment systems. Online payment/EFT can also be configured for certain service types.

4. Recieve Confirmation and Invoice

Upon successful booking, customer gets email confirmation of the booking along with detail invoice. That ends the booking workflow.

Components of Booking Software

Cleaning Business Marketing Website

Website is the main channel to take your cleaning service business to the people. It promotes your business and establish brand in the respective cleaning expertise.

Cleaning Service Booking Page

Booking page helps customers to brows through all available service and understand the detail offering. It allow customers to select service and preferred date and time to avail services. 

Appointment and Scheduling App for Staff

This is quick and handy mobile app for staff. Staff will get all the notifications and service request on the apps. Staff also maintain their billing and holiday related information on the app.

Backend Software for Manager/Owner

Owner/Manager maintain offerings and its charges through backend. It also helps in analysing service quality and trend. All the refund, staff payment and deduction maintained in backend software.

Make an impression with branded invoices and receipts after the job is finished.

Branded Invoice for Customers

FAQs about cleaning Business Software

Cleaning business software is system to digitize entire process of booking and service delivery. System also includes online payments and post delivery client engagement. It also helps in managing workforce and their performance management. It reduce considerable efforts and reduces pre and post service errors.

There is no single over the shelf solution to automate your cleaning business. There are different levels of automation which you case choose from. Selection depends on the size of the business, type of services, staff’s technical proficiency and customers perception. Online booking and cancellation is something you can startwith. Gradually you can add online payment, customer relationship, analytics, workforce tracking, material and inventory management as per your immediate requirement.

There are mainly two variants of the software. 1)Desktop/PC bases solution to manage phone booking, invoices, payroll, material and expences 2) Web based solution which offers everything included in PC based software plus online customer booking from website. Web based system also provide facility to access system using mobile app.

Majority of the software provider of combination of three types of lisences.
1) Perpetual licence – fixed yearly cost 2) User Based – Per user licence cost
3) Transaction Based – provide you cap on maximum booking transaction or transaction amount.

First and foremost, you need to be very clear on the level of automation you want to achieve. Second, make sure booking software’s admin as well as client and staff facing part is very simple to operate. Third, what are your fixed and variable cost of ownership for the cleaing software.