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Best Google Marketing & Advertising Company Sydney

10X Higher result in our spectrum of Google Marketing and Advertising Services that include: Google Search Ads, Youtube Video Advertising, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Ads Remarketing.

    We Are Google Only Advertiser.

    Over the years we have developed expertise of advertising on various Google platforms. We’d also tried other platforms but we got good results for our client on Google hence we are Google Only advertiser. We don’t do Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or any other social media marketing. 

    Google Only Advertiser

    In this page you’ll know all about advertising on various Google platforms. It’s not technical tutorial but GUIDE for businesses like you.
    Let’s start..

    When it comes to paid google marketing, always REMEMBER following points.

    Point No. 1. It should be your business’ sales CYLINDER and not a sales funnel.

    CylinderVs Funnel

    Point No. 2. It is an ongoing EXPENSE, not a one time investment.

    ExpenseVs Investment

    Point No. 3. It doesn’t improve site’s organic search ranking (SEO).

    PPC Not Helpi in SEO

    There are many digital marketing companies in SYDNEY which provides Google Ads services and they are chasing every potential customers for their businesses. So, it is natural for you to evaluate them and understand the Google Ads services in detail. Here you go with the complete guide for your Google Advertising journey.

    What is Google Advertising ?

    Google Advertising is a type of internet marketing and advertising in which advertisers display ads on Google, Youtube and different other websites.

    Google Ads Type

    Google charge you fees each time someone click on your ads. That’s why it is also known as Pay Per Click(PPC)  advertising.

    PPC Advertising

    Google Advertsing is another way to improve your business visibility in  the Google search page result(SERP). The organic way is to improve visibility through search engine optimization (SEO).

    PPC vs SEO

    Having said this, lets move to find right Google Ads service for your business.

    Which Google Ads Service is Right for You?

    There are many pay per click platforms available, but the most popular is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). You can run your online advertisement campaign on any of this : 1. Search, 2. Youtube, 3. Shopping, 4. Display network, and 5. Remarketing

    Adwords became Ads

    1. Search : Goolge Search campaign is most popular form of online advertising. This is suitable if you want to get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps.

    Google Search Ad

    2. YouTube : YouTube ad campaign delivers a higher return on investment (ROI) than television commercials in 77% of studies. It offers in-stream, overlay cards, sponsored card and in-display advertising, showing ads before users watch a video on YouTube. These campaign type is good for branding.

    Youtube Ads

    3. Shopping : Also known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), if you are e-commerce  businesses then shopping campaign is best solution to drive more sales and revenue through website.

    Shopping Ad

    4. Display Network: Also known as Banner Advertising. This campaing type can be a relatively cheap method of exposing your brand to large numbers of potentially relevant audiences.

    Display Network Ads

    5. Remarketing: PPC remarketing, also known as retargeting, allows advertisers to remarket to past visitors through the Google Display Network using text, image or video.

    Remarketing Ad

    I can tell you from experience that no single campaign type is perfect for online makreting. You need to try combination of the available options based on your business type and budget. Let’s check how much Google Ads cost.

    how Much Google Advertising Cost?

    Properly managed Google Ads campaign are inexpensive way of marketing. Primarily, there are two types of cost 1. Bills you pay to Google 2. Charges you pay to Advertising Company or Agency

    1. Bills you pay to Google
    Google charge you fees everytime someone click on your ad or view your video ads. This fee is called Cost-per-click (CPC). CPC rate is determined by bidding process and you don’t have control on the rate except setting you maximum rate amount. These rates differs on the basis of industry and advertising platform. You may get high level idea on the rate from below table.    

    Cost Comparison

    2. Charges you pay to Advertising Company in Sydney
    Advertising company is experience Google Ad professional who will help you prepare your ads. campaign and will execute it on your behalf. Most of the agency in Sydney are very transparent in their charges. They charge you one time setup fees and regular campaign maitenance charges, it could be either fixed or % of your monthly Ad budget. In certain cases, agency also charge you for website modifications, known as landing page optimization.    

    Company Charges

    Can I control my Ad Budget?
    Yes, you can control your ad spend. You need to specify this to advertising company about your daily ad spend. Your monthly budget roughly comes to around 30 times of your daily budget.

    Ad Monthly Budget

    Things to Consider while Selecting Advertising Company

    Online paid marketing is expensive experiment. It may cost you hansome money if it’s not managed properly. Three things to cosider while selecting your advertising partner.
    1. Saving 2. Saving and 3. Saving.
    There is no typo here. Let’s understand them one by one.

    1. Saving on Setup Cost
    Your advertising company has to spend time and effort to prepare your campaign, write good ad copies and analyse pricing. This doesn’t come free of cost but it shouldn’t cost you fortune. Good Ad company look for continous success fo your online campaign and eventually regular earning in terms of commision/monthly fees, it is not after hetfy setup fees.

    Google Ads Setup Cost

    2. Saving on Ad Management Fees
    Ad management fees is your monthly expense hence it should be under control. Ad management is smart work and need to be rewarded on the basis of performance. You may refer below rates to get good undertstanding of fees, performance parameter is not considered here.

    Ad Management Fee

    3. Saving on Website Maitenance Charges
    Good advertisement brings visitor to your website and your website convert that visitor to customer. If that is not happening then you have to modify/optimize your webpage/website. This type of changes are iterative in nature hence should not cost you much.

    Website Change Cost

    Things to Avoid While selecting Advertising company?

    1. Don’t get sold on flashy reports
    Google provides lot of inbuilt reports, hundreds of combination of data and parameters. These reports are not creativity of your digital marketing company. Some of the reports are confusing too. Don’t get impress by colorful reports/excel worksheets.

    Google Reports

    2. Over analysis of competitor
    As the saying goes “Analysis is paralysis”. If you ad company always talk about your competitors keywords, their bids and their positions then you need to relax and think. You are in the online market space to win new customers or respect for brand and not to fight/defeat competitors. If your agency is taking you to full-blown war with competitors then it will be very costly affair for you. Hence beware!

    Competitor Analysis

    3.Overdose of meetings, calls and emails 
    You are hiring agency to get job done and not to generate extra work for you. Any good marketing company can understand your business offerings, strength and weekness in one or two meetings. They don’t expect you to be always with them all the time. Overdose of communication will take your time away from your primary activity and entually impacting your business badly.  


    Reasons for Not Getting Sales Despite Advertising

    1.Right Ad Wrong Place 
    Any advertising campaign is only successful when you show your ad to right people and right time. Right ad at right place, also called ad targeting, is also essetial for google marketing. You can customize add to target right audience by understanding their locations, gender, age group, devices, preffered channel and right time for ad display. In brief, ensure that your right ad is not at wrong place.

    Wrong Place

    2.Bad Ad Copy 
    Ugly headlines and poor ad text distract visitor from click your ads. Visitors don’t find anything compelling or intresting in your offer so they refrain from taking next step. Make sure your advertisement headlines are powerful and very catchy. It should show immediate benefits to visitors hence prompt them to take next step of visiting your website.

    Bad Ad Copy

    3.Mediocre website 
    All your effort of hunting and shouting  goes in vein if it not backed by user friendly website. If you are expecting to ad viewer will directly inquire you about your product/service then chances are very deem. They do as much as possible investigation about your offering, credibility and expertise from your website. If they failed to get good impression from website then your are sureshot on loosing end. So, make sure that your website are well organized and well maintained.

    Mediocre Website

    By-products of Google Advertising?

    1. List of Very Powerful Keywords for SEO 
    Google Ads offers lot of data for analysis, keywords are one of type such data. Infact, it is best practice to do Google Ads advertising before your plan for SEO. Remember that high click-through-rate on keyword also cost you more money because there is heavy competition for those type of keywords. You can plan to include such keywords in SEO.

    List Of Keywords

    2. Saves Lot of Time 
    As per Google’ official reports, search engine recieves around 15% fresh search queries everyday. Some of the industries terminology, vocabulary and common phrases evolve very fast. Google Ads gives you opportunity to test your search hypothesis in no time, in fact it is your business fastest feedback machine. 

    Saves Time

    3. Detail Customer Insight  
    All your effort of hunting and shouting  goes in vein if it not backed by user friendly website. If you are expecting to ad viewer will directly inquire you about your product/service then chances are very deem. They do as much as possible investigation about your offering, credibility and expertise from your website. If they failed to get good impression from website then your are sureshot on loosing end. So, make sure that your website are well organized and well maintained.

    What is the Role of Keywords in goolge Ads?

    Like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), everything start with keyword in Goolge Advertising. If you and your advertising agency have good knowledge of business then you’ll have competative strategy for keywords. The main goal of good keywords strategy is to get right kind of inquiry and avoid wastage of your ad budget.

    Search Keywords
    These are the list of keywords relevant to your business offerings. Make sure that your ads are using right keywords so that when visitor search for your services or product your ads appear in the Goolge search engine result page (SERP).

    search keyword

    Negative Keywords
    Your budget may get wasted if you don’t filter out irrelevant or negative keywords from the search query. Your ad agency may need your help in identifying negative keywords. This is the main neglected area where people waste lot of money without getting any direct or indirect business benefit.

    Negative Keywords

    Query and Keyword Grouping
    When people search something on Google or Youtube, they just don’t use direct keywords but they search using phrases or questions, called search query. Perfectly grouped keywords in phrases or questions improves chances of getting your ads in front of right kind of audiance.

    Keyword Grouping

    Our Google Marketing Services in Sydney


    PPC Audit and Strategy

    Our PPC Audit process starts from understanding audit objective, coverage, negative keywords and leading to data analysis. We systematically build cost-effective bidding strategy tailored for each campaign.


    Keyword Research

    This is the most import task in overall PPC advertising process, here we identify keywords to bid on that are most likely to result in click.


    Competitor Analysis

    Analyze your industry or market by completing a competitor analysis, which allows us. to evaluate your business against the competition.


    Ad Relevance

    To save more on ad cost we ensure that advertisement and linked pages are relevant to each other. This will aslo decrease waste clicks.


    Conversion Rate Optimization

    We ensure that landing pages are optimized for content organization and smooth flow, it must direct visitor to desired exit points of inquiries or sales.


    Continuous Tracking and Reporting

    Tool based tracking of all the campaign for thier effectiveness and ROI. Regularly reporting the out to come to client to fine tune the ads.

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